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The Power Of Image

By Tante Stefana April 5, 2021

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Those of us close to crypto sometimes focus so much on concrete and measurable factors that we lose sight of one of the most important issues in business: image. Image is often as powerful as it is intangible. Corporations spend billions in advertisements to craft an image in the minds of potential consumers, hoping to build lifelong brand loyalty. If a company lets its rivals define its image, it may not survive. Sometimes, customer loyalty, based largely on image, can even keep struggling corporations afloat.

When Apple launched Macintosh in the early 1980s, they threw everything they could into crafting their image. This included an expensive and now iconic Super Bowl commercial with a female athlete hurling a hammer into “Big Brother’s” ranting face. In 1997, after roughly 16 years of struggling against competitors and consistently losing, Apple’s stock price plunged. The company was about to go bankrupt. Ironically, the person most instrumental in Apple’s decline, Bill Gates, stopped Apple from plunging into oblivion. Microsoft struck a deal with Steve Jobs (who’d recently returned to Apple), and bought $150 million of Apple stock, stabilizing it.

In those dark moments, all Apple had left — arguably — was its image and intensely loyal customer base. People still argue over why Gates “really” bailed out Apple. While competing against Apple, Microsoft had also invested considerably in Mac-specific software, and Gates clearly wanted to continue selling Mac users these products. If Apple had winked out of existence, he feared people would have kept using their old Macs for years, without buying any more software. But if Macs continued to be upgraded, Apple fans would buy them and buy new versions of Microsoft software made for them (which is exactly what happened). A strong image is clearly a major factor in why Apple survived this low spot.

Dash’s Image

If we were to ask a random person “what do you think of Dash crypto?”, we’d most likely be answered, “What?” Everyone knows about Bitcoin, and if a typical person knows of any altcoins, it’s not likely to be Dash. Dash is the one coin that actually works: it has the fastest confirmation time, the lowest transaction costs, and the best security of any major coin. The image that we don’t want but may temporarily be stuck with is “the amazing coin that gets ignored”.

What Can We Do?

Let’s look to the example set by the cadre of long-time Dash supporters, who have been functioning in a very real sense as Dash ambassadors for years. Whether online, using other media or in face-to-face conversations, these people have steadfastly promoted Dash and have been influential in getting out a positive portrayal of Dash and how great it is. Amanda B Johnson, Mark Mason, Joél Valenzuela or Tao of Satoshi, to name a few — definitely ambassadors if not Dash Elder Statesmen and Stateswomen by now. Online and on places like Youtube, they’ve invested immense amounts of energy helping the coin we love. Sadly, we may not all have Tao’s dynamo-like energy and perseverance, but if ever the Dash community needed to come together and throw everything we have into this project, it’s now.

This Is Our Year

For five years it’s like Dash has been in hibernation. I literally heard someone say a few weeks ago, when I mentioned we have big things coming out soon, “Huh? You mean Dash still exists?” That’s okay, because roughly 20 years ago Apple was in much worse shape, and they were able to rise, phoenix-like, out of the ashes of past mistakes and soar through the skies. Dash is now poised to do the same.

Dash is the only coin that actually works as real or good money and is as usable as cash. In fact, it’s better than cash. With ultra-fast transaction speeds (faster than a credit card) and transaction costs at less than a penny — and amazing security — Dash is the coin you can actually use, right now. This summer (2021), Dash gets even better when the technology that started several years ago as Dash Evolution finally makes Dash user-friendly.

With DashPay, anyone will be able use their phone to pay with Dash, just as easily as Apple Pay. Yes, the old dream of a coin that “even Grandma can use” becomes reality, with user names and passwords, plus contact lists and rating systems. More and more merchants are accepting Dash, and with Dash Platform, they’ll have a powerful DAPI that makes interfacing with DashPay as easy as interfacing with PayPal. Dash Platform allows any type of smart contract, much like Ethereum, only in a far more cost efficient way. The bear is emerging from its long winter nap, refreshed and vastly improved and ready to roar!

What Can I Do?

Promote Dash every way you can. Be a Dash Ambassador. If you already are one, reach out and inspire others to join you. Maybe you were more active several years ago but having to wait for Evolution to actually “evolve” caused you to lose focus. Reenergize! Come back to Dash, discuss with the community how best to promote the upcoming release, and then reach out to everyone you can in a way you feel will be most effective.

We Need To Prepare; Now Is The Time

Let’s get together now on the various Dash online sites, formulate plans, and discuss approaches likely to work. We can’t leave it to Dash Core Group. We as a community must go forth with a unified front and an effective, well-though-out message. We used to have meet-ups, and with Covid ending, this could be possible again. We may need to create content that the community can spread around on places like social media. And it might be time for another advertisement campaign.

Wait, You Want Me To Do Something?

Yes! Every effort, big and small, will add up and help Dash come out the gate strong. Even if you don’t think you’re good at communicating, posting effective links about Dash on your social media accounts could help our message go viral. People often talk about crypto, and if we prepare effective messages about Dash, we can positively influence friends and family members. Think about what Tao of Satoshi said on a recent Youtube: he asked if any of us can reach Elon Musk on Twitter and get him to consider an investment in Dash. Do any of us know other business celebrities or journalists? Now is the time to work out the best way to reach such people and try to win their help. Even if you can’t contact a luminary, just normal acts of communication that we all can do — social media postings and positive conversations — will help immensely.

Dash To Greatness

It’s been a long and sometimes frustrating wait, but this summer, Dash will finally shift fully from dream to reality. It took years from John F Kennedy’s historic announcement that we would go to the moon to the actual launch of Apollo 11. Right now, Dash is getting in its space suit and entering the elevator. Soon Dash will board the command module atop a massive Saturn V rocket while technicians do their final checks. Remember how we used to say “we’re going to the moon” but then laugh nervously? Now we really are.

Dash’s initial launch was just a Mercury rocket, and other highlights were Gemini. All we have to do now is come together as a strong community and get the word out, so everybody knows. This summer, 2021, those other coins with their unearned images and unsolved problems will be staring up in awe as Dash, riding on a column of fire, soars through the sky, streaks out of the atmosphere, and at last delivers on the original dream of cryptocurrency: a form of digital money that works as well as cash but is cheaper, safer to use, and won’t be inflated to oblivion. See you on the moon!

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