Croeso To My Site!

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

Croeso means welcome in Welsh. I've have a deep fascination with country of Wales. In fact I have an obsession with the British Isles in their entirety. I hope to visit there one day & mayhaps live in Wales in a small flat. The British Isles have so much history preserved. Anyways, I'll keep this blog post brief since I'm still building the site.

Basically, this site is going to be my escape from social media where I can just post me-things & stuff I would like to share with those I hold close & simultaneously with the whole world. Uncensored. The way my mind works. Mayhaps I'll end up being cancelled by the woke/broke masses. Who knows? I'll be posting my Red Dead Redemption II gaming, my politics, my fascinations with European folklore, mining, working on my own taxonomy for the faeria, all kinds of shite to be honest. My mind is ready to let loose. Maybe you'll end up linking to your own rabbit hole in the process. I find it fun. I hope everyone enjoys what I am doing to pass the time until the void reclaims my consciousness. Until next time, Schlitweitz!

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