I want to invite the Torum community's Banano Clan & the monkeys🐒at the Banano Discord for helping me in my crypto-journey with a giveaway of NFTs that I have been working on. I bent over backwards to get whitelisted with

I'm still pretty new to everything. My frens & I started our cryptojourney in late January of this year, 2021. Our Ethereum rig was built with all the cards we could get & had produced our first payout of 0.10018 ETH by February 15th with an average rate of 650 MH/s. From Coinbase to Binance to UniSwap, we started

collecting crypto. Then we discovered the Brave browser with BAT. I switched to

using it fulltime on March 18th. That very same day an advertisement for Torum

popped up. A social media for crypto enthusiasts with it's very own payout token.

I read the whitepaper for it (XTM) & decided to I'd give it a shot.


It took me a month to stick with it but on April 16th I saw a clan for Banano so I

looked into it. A fork of Nano made into a meme. I went to the main site & read

their "yellowpaper". I fell in love with my generated monkey🐒, downloaded the 

mobile wallet app Kalium & hit the faucets🚰available. It was slim pickings. I 

was really disappointed. The crypto exchanges available to buy Bananos at the

time were questionable to me. Four days later a Lander (that's what we call ourselves at Torum) posted an article about

"mining⛏🐒Bananos🍌" in the clan's forum. It was Folding At Home (F@H) which I am familiar with from my sysop/admin days at Uncyclepedia.org before they sold-out to Wikia. All you need is a CPU (using a GPU on top gives more points) to help medical researchers with folding proteins.  

How Can I Participate

This giveaway is going to be based on the amount of Work Units (WU) completions for the time being. I haven't figured out the point ratios for solely using a CPU versus only their GPU or for those, like myself, that use both a CPU & GPU. I want to be fair for those that can only run on a CPU. Hopefully we can figure it out together, frens. 

You'll have to download one of the F@H clients that your operating system can handle. 

You'll need a Banano wallet address to submit to the Banano Miner. Remember to write down the address & all the important stuff. The wallet app that is available for iOS & Android is called Kalium & the other that you can use online is called Banano Vault. These wallets are not necessary for collecting bananos🍌but they are for transferring them out. You can create the wallet address from either wallet instead of the monkey generator BUT the generator is WAY MORE FUN & you can pick how they will look... for-ev-er! This is my main monKey🐒🔑! I have several for different platforms.


I will be using Torum as my platform for receiving your WAX wallet address to send out the NFTs upon

completing 100 WU. I'm just spit balling that number for the time being. I will also need your assigned

F@H ID. I will be using the services at NANNERS.CC & MonKey2MonKey to review your contributions to

receive NFT awards. I will start your WU count upon receiving your F@H ID, this means no counting any

WUs prior from receiving your direct message.

For you Landers at Torum, direct message @stellaknocker with your F@H credentials & WAX address. You will also have to join the Banano Clan. It's a must. All monkeys are fam.

For all non-Torum monkeys, you all will have to sign-up & pass the verification that you are a genuine monkey🐒& not a spammer bot🤖. You will receive 35 XTM for signing up & having FULLY verifying yourself as a welcome present. Once you are officially a Lander then you can direct message @stellaknocker with your F@H ID & join the Banano Clan. You can also give @Banano & @Bantano a follow as well. Oh, & follow me too! I will check my DMs once a day. I'm a working mum so please be patient with any inquiries. If you want to buy Bananos🍌you can do so at CoinEx. These NFTs cannot be purchased (through me) & can only be obtained by participation.  

              "1 BAN = 1 BAN"                  "Apes alone weak. Apes together strong."

                                                           ~Jungle Proverb                     ~Caesar     

I've been told that my instructions

are hard to follow so you can

read about it here→→→→→→→→→→


1st NFT Award       2nd NFT Award      3rd NFT Award      4th NFT Award   

5th NFT Award        6th NFT Award      7th NFT Award       8th NFT Award










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gwt8zss191to - fh2r4.wam - WU 54/0702

9erzfikxtpqoxxwcw.wam - WU 762/0702 - 7

6uau5st7szphteab4.wam - WU 53/0724

x0f2im0myotf - k.2eq.wam - WU 10/0731

Donations are appreciated. All WAX go toward fueling NFTs. All Bananos go toward the website cost. All XTM goes toward awarding content creators at Torum. Diolch i chi a charu ein gilydd.